Connect Method Parenting TRIBE
Finally...the solution to getting your kids to WANT to listen without the yelling, ultimatums or bribes.

You've read the parenting books and tried the techniques...but still, the kids just won’t. listen.


You're exhausted and at your wit's end.

What if there's a better way?

You didn't become a mom to...

  • Feel like a failure, because a "simple" conversation with your teenager about the chores not getting done turned into a fight.  You hate it when there are hard feelings between you two.
  • Start yelling after asking nice the first ten times for your son to get off his phone.  You just can’t take it anymore. He has no impulse control.  I'm scared what this could turn into to.
  • Feel discouraged because it takes two hours to get the kids to bed, and it's exhausting. You dread bedtime, but wish you loved it.
  • Feel hopeless, because no matter how many parenting books, podcasts, or trainings you consume nothing is getting better. The kids will not listen! 
  • Feel anxious and worried! You've tired your best, but the kids are often irresponsible, entitled, rude, lazy, and unkind. You think it's probably your fault, and the guilt and shame feel awful.

Let's be be honest - You want parenting to feel more like enjoying your favorite dessert
(and less like forcing down a bag of raw kale).


You walk into a messy kitchen (that the kid's promised to clean up), and instead of flipping out when you see the mess, you know exactly what to do…ten minutes later you're sitting in the clean kitchen enjoying a game of UNO with the kids.


Your daughter comes to you when she’s struggling with college and boyfriend issues.  She wants your help and advice. After a few hours of talking she says, “Mom thanks for always being there for me."


You LOVE connecting with your kiddos at bedtime! You turn on music while they brush their teeth, read stories with them, and sing to them before turning off the lights.  Bedtime used to be a battle, but now you actually look forward to it.


I created TRIBE for you...

Tribe is a monthly membership program for moms who wants to be at peace with her parenting and is ready to break out of the cycle of correction, frustration and exhaustion.

I’m going to show you how to take the “triggers” that usually lead to frustration and disconnection with your kids and use a brand new set of tools to transform these situations into powerful moments of connection.

This is a lot more than just general positive parenting concepts… it’s a practical approach with specific things you can implement starting this week!

When you understand the principles at play in these “triggery” situations, parenting actually gets a lot simpler. Suddenly you’ll realize that all of the chore charts, chore system, and consequence parenting tactics are not nearly as important as you thought.

Yes, I'm all in on being a calm, connected mom! Sign me up...


a monthly membership program where we dive into implementing  Connect Method Parenting

Less yelling, more connecting, with all the support you need 


Tribe is a complete package that gives moms exactly what they need to move from frustration, disconnection, and correction to confidence, connection, and peace.

You'll get instant access to the member portal with all the training and replays, AND weekly LIVE calls where we take the principles of Connect Method Parenting and help you implement them in your real-life situations!

Tribe Includes: 

1. Cultivate Course ($595 Value)
2. Cultivate Book ($99 Value)
3. Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls ($4995 Value)
4. Private FB Group ($499)


The STEAR Model: A framework for solving any parenting problem ($199 Value)
The STEAR Model Worksheets: Putting it into action ($27 Value)


TOTAL VALUE = ($6414.00)

Today's Price = $49/month

Yes! I'm Ready to Get Started Today!



As soon as you sign up... 

  • I'll send an email with login instructions. 
  • You can access it on your phone or computer. 
  • Within 10 minutes, I'll be teaching you the secret to less yelling, more listening, and how to have heck of a lot more fun with your kiddos! 
  • You can get started right away, and go as fast or slow as you'd like!



You'll likely be blown away when you first realize why correction-based parenting is so prevalent in our society today. You'll also inspect your thinking and beliefs about parenting that will change everything for you.


You’ll feel amazing when you have your first experience, with what used to be a triggery situation for you, but now has been completely reframed and doesn't end in an ounce of frustration.


Your kids will start to see a difference and they won’t know what’s going on. Slowly but surely you'll see evidence in their eyes that this new approach is sinking in and making a difference.


Over time, you’ll start to feel your confidence growing because you’re having more and more experiences with true connection with your kids. Your increased confidence and peace as a mom will renew your energy and excitement for life

Yes! I'm Ready to Get Started Today!




You're a busy mom so I've only included the content I think is most important.  In a few hours you’ll be able to go through the entire course and have what you need to start changing your parenting paradigm. 


I know you’re easy access is a #1 priority for me. You can download all the material in our mobile app to make it easy to listen to it in the car, while washing the dishes, or going on a walk.


Looking at connection based parenting from a few different angles gives you a perspective that makes it easier to understand how it is so different from a correction based parenting approach. I also turn the concepts into specific steps you can take.


Connection based parenting works! It’s backed by studies, and research, but even more importantly it’s back by real life stories of moms who tried it and they started yelling less, the kids started listening better, and the joy and fun of being a mom went through the roof.




The Cultivate Course ($599)

Every new Tribe member starts out with an initial course called Cultivate where I take you by the hand and gently help you implement the Connect Method™.

I’ve designed this course very intentionally to re-create for YOU the major life-altering discoveries I’ve experienced. We'll cover things like:

  • Where emotions come from, and how you pick the ones you want.
  • How to neutralize the situations that used to put you over the edge.
  • How to act when kids don’t listen (without the yelling)
  • The uncomfortable tool you’ll use every day as a transformed mom.
  • Learn how to process your emotions like an adult.
  • Create the rules of the track... and be ready for them to be broken
  • How to set rules and consequences without losing the connection.
  • TIME IN works better than TIME OUT
  • Make the game so juicy that your kids will beg you to be a part of it.
  • How to start loving your kids more... especially when it’s not easy


Cultivate Book ($99)

This is a 120-page companion to the Cultivate course

Each video in the course has a corresponding section in the Cultivate Book (think of it as an implementation guide). You'll use it to keep notes, fill out the worksheets and do the exercises. 

As moms, we often think, “I SHOULD be further along.” We beat ourselves and wish things were different, but things don't change.

This kind of thinking is normal, but not useful.

It’s not a character flaw.  But it does mean that you are temporarily disconnected from your power to intentionally create your life. 

As a Calm Connected Mom, you learn that believing thoughts like, “I SHOULD be further along” is 0% helpful.

They rob you of your power to create a connected life with your kiddos.

No more “shoulding” all over yourself.  

You are exactly where you are supposed to be!

Yes, it’s true.  Where you are is the perfect place for you in this moment. 

You don’t have to stay there if you don’t like it, but it’s the perfect place to start from.



The TRIBE Mobile App ($149)

Because teaching and learning is such an important part of TML Tribe, I invested to create my own app (avail on iPhone and Android) where I deliver all of the training to you.

I have to say, this app is amazing. One of the things I obsess over is how quickly you can get access to the content we’re studying. You don’t have time to search through websites and emails just to find the material.

The TML app remembers exactly where you left off the last time (to the second) and can let you pick right back up instantly. That means you can make the most of the little slivers of time you have throughout your day to help with your transformation.



Weekly Live Coaching Calls

I also host weekly LIVE coaching calls for Tribe members. It’s my favorite part of Tribe because it’s where we get real and work on your specific issues.

If you can’t make every live call, it’s OK. I record them and post replays in the app. 

The coaching process is simple: Moms volunteer to share specific situations they are struggling with and I coach them using the STEAR model. 

The impact is magical. Every group coaching call you will find yourself in the challenges these other moms are having. I do not require all of my members to be coached live on coaching calls, so even if you’re quietly listening in, you’ll learn from the coaching I give the other TML Tribe members who are coached.  It is powerful and fun!

We get better as a tribe every week. 


The STEAR Model: A framework for solving any parenting problem ($199 Value)

Talking about our parenting problems in not hard.

Engineer a solution for our parenting problems that actually works and lasts is hard.

Telling the kids about the new chores system is not hard.

Getting everyone to actually follow the new chore system is hard.

Telling yourself to be calm the next time the kids trigger you is not hard.

Actually staying calm when they trigger you the next time is hard.

Please hear me.

Parenting is not complicated.

Parenting is simple.

It comes naturally to us humans.  We want to care and nurture our kids.

It’s literally baked into our DNA to form strong caring relationships with our kids.

We just need a tool to help us see what’s getting in the way us being the parent we want to be.

The STEAR Model is that tool. 

You know what you want. 

A dream relationship with your kiddos, good communication, less yelling, better listening…I hear ya!

The STEAR Model helps you unlock your natural super power to stay connect with your kids no matter what.

You’ll finally have a tool that uncovers what’s been getting in the way!


The STEAR Model Worksheets: Putting it into action ($47 Value)

Lean ready for this secret?

The secret to how I transformed my parenting…from corrective to connective.

I found the STEAR Model AND connective parenting.

And then…

I didn’t quit.
I didn’t quit.
I didn’t quit.
I didn’t quit.

Not quitting is simple and effective 100% of the time.

I used the the STEAR Model every single day.  I still do my STEAR Model workout daily. 

Now I’m offering you the same workout.

Here’s how it will work.

You'll look at your current parenting beliefs using the STEAR Model Workbook.

You’ll begin to let go of correction parenting bit by bit, and amp up connective parenting. 

It involves the brain pulling up every thought that's kept you stuck like:

> I’m a failure as a parent.
> My kids never listen.
> I'm terribly impatient.
> I am sucking at this.
> I think it’s too late.
>My kids don’t care.

It's WORK to see your own beliefs.  To look at the situations that have led to correcting, yelling, feelings of hopelessness, and pull yourself OUT of the muck.

Using the STEAR Model helps you learn what to do WHEN you fail, so you can move through it quicker and get back to work (which is the foundation of change).

When you don't quit...and you keep working the Calm Connected Mom system which includes the STEAR Model you’ll speed up your skill of doing connective parenting.

OK, I'm Ready Andee... Sign Me Up!

I’m so glad you’re here.

Before I tell you about me, let me start off by saying you are amazing and you’ve been doing the best you can!

My name is Andee creator of the Connect Method of parenting. 

Despite reading and learning everything I could about parenting, during the first 8 years of being a parent, I felt lost, alone, and like I was failing at parenting. It has become my mission to help other moms learn what I was missing! 

There is a better way to parent, where discipline isn't the essence of parenting.

I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter, retired nurse, yoga instructor, life coach, and wanna be dancer. :) 

I grew up in Arizona, married my high school sweetheart at 20, had my first baby at 22, and ended up having 6 kiddos (3 girls and 3 boys) in 8 years.

I’m a recovering perfectionist, who used to wish I could be happy all the time.

Now I realize that there is so much beauty in feeling all our emotions.

I’ve come to understand that connection NOT correction is the most powerful tool I have as a parent.

And LOVE developmental psychology. 

I’m grateful for my messy journey and love helping other moms love their life and implement a connection based parenting approach.

I’ve created this offer to show you a solution to parenting that takes the need for yelling, power-struggles, and ultimatums out of the equation.

It’s changed my life, thousands of others, and it can change your life too.

If you go all in on connective parenting, you'll start noticing shifts happening!





"The most freeing work I've ever done... simple and fun."

"Working with Andee has been the most freeing work I have ever done. She has taken every parenting book I have ever read and created a program loaded with simple steps and tools that are usable and doable. It's fun and it works! "

-Rebecca B

"I have tried countless programs over the years and connection is the one that has made the longest lasting impact"

Connection is counterintuitive to our culture and therefore can be a challenge to implement. It was for me and still is from time to time. However it was the only thing that "worked" with my child when I really made the effort to focus on connection rather than correction.

I have tried countless programs over the years and while many have worked for a short period of time, connection is the one that has made the longest lasting impact. I can always gage how well I'm doing by implementing connection based on my son's behavior.

I am so impressed with Andee's core lessons and feel they really help keep me focused. C

Connection can be more difficult but the outcome is worth the energy. I learned I would rather put more energy into connection rather than correction - because let's face it both take energy but connection is so much more fulfilling and less draining. ”

-Mary Jordan

Yes, I'm Ready to Get Started Today!


I am very confident that you're going to be blown away by Tribe, but if for any reason you don't agree with me, you can reach out within 60 days of joining and I'll give you a full refund!


For many years, I had an eery question stuck in the back of my mind:
What if I don't figure this out until it's too late?
What if my kids grow up and leave my house and I haven't created the connection I want that will last a lifetime?
Have you ever thought that?
Well, I'm here to tell you that you absolutely can figure this out, and you can make very fast progress, if you're committed. And I'm here to help.
In fact, that's the whole reason I created this course. It's a simple, quick way for you to have an experience with Connective Parenting that will give you hope and courage.


If you're like most moms, you've probably got 9 plates spinning at this very moment. The temptation is probably just to keep plugging away and see if anything changes.
I want to invite you to make today be the first day of a new life for you as a mom and for your family.
To help make it a no-brainer to take action today, I have a few really exciting things that I think you'll love.
Yes, I'm Ready to Get Started Today!

Calm Connected Mom


Less yelling, more connecting, in just a few days

Tribe Includes: 

1. Cultivate Course ($595 Value)
2. Cultivate book ($99 Value)
3. Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls ($4995 Value)
4. Private FB Group ($499)


The STEAR Model: A framework for solving any parenting problem ($199 Value)
The STEAR Model Worksheets: Putting it into action ($27 Value)

TOTAL VALUE = ($6414.00)

What you Pay = $49/month

Yes, I'm Ready to Get Started Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up, you'll get an email and text message with instructions for how to download the Tribe app (works on iPhone and Android phones), along with the password you'll use to log in.
The Cultivate course will be unlocked immediately and you can start listening/watching right away.
You'll also receive notices about our next weekly live coaching call and how to join the FB group.

If you aren't 100% happy with Calm Connected Mom (for whatever reason), let us know within the first 60 days of joining Tribe and we'll refund 100% of your investment.

My connective parenting approach works with children of all ages. 

It’s never too early or too late to start using connective parenting and see a huge shift.

Fabulous question. I figured you might be wondering so here's the answer.
TRIBE is a LIVE monthly membership program.
Think of Tribe like a gym membership for your parenting...but with this membership, you get access to the gym and A PERSONAL TRAINER.
Instead of charging thousands of dollars and giving you access to everything for a set period of time, I created Tribe as a LIVE monthly program because I believe it will serve you best.
When I set out to create Tribe I wanted to create a program that was affordable AND still gave you AMAZING results.
I knew that meant you had to have access to weekly LIVE COACHING CALLS and support to help you go from knowing Connect Method Parenting to doing Connect Method Parenting in real life!!!
Having access to LIVE coaching is CRITICAL to successfully implementing Connect Method Parenting.
It makes all the difference. You don't get this in just a course.
This level of coaching isn't available in programs at this price point. I wanted to change that. I wanted anyone who was ready to dive into implementing Connect Method Parenting to be able to jump in and get to work.
I wanted to give you everything you needed to create real transformation (I refused to cut corners) at a price that was affordable.
I knew for real transformation to happen Tribe HAD to have...
  • Training and learning modules that were easy to consume
  • LIVE coaching to navigate real-life situations
  • Support and accountability to stay committed when things got tough
Tribe offers ALL of these things.
Also, there is no long-term commitment with Tribe. If you need to stop Tribe at any time just email us.
Tribe is a no-brainer.
Come as you are.
  • Choose to create something different using connection, not correction.
  • Commit to staying with it, even when things are tough.
  • Cultivate and Create something different for you and your family.

My husband and I tried many other parenting approaches as we raised our 6 kids. I also have many coaching clients who have tried a lot of different approaches. From my experience, behavior and correction-based parenting can create short-term compliance, but many approaches lead to a higher level of disconnection and don't create lasting results.

My parenting method is based in developmental psychology and prioritizes connection as the key tool for helping to impact the behavior of your children. It will teach you how to take the situations that cause you pain today and use them to create a deeper connection with your child.

If you find yourself losing your temper and yelling often, you're going to love the "Why Is This Happening?" mini course. 

In this course I teach you the most amazing tool so you can see what is behind your frustration and uncontrolled temper. I also give you a model you can use to understand and intentionally change your reactions. 

The frameworks I teach you in this course will be life-changing for you even if you aren't getting the support you would like from others around you.

While I always love seeing dads jumping in to learn and apply these principles, part of my focus for this course is on helping moms recognize how much power and capability they have on their own. 

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